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Standard Construction

Understructure & Flooring


  • Thick structural C-channel is used as a backbone for these vans
  • Channel depth is determined by the length of the van


  • 4" light weight I-beam is used to attain low weights in all of our van bodies without compromising structural integrity
  • Crossmembers are arc welded on 16" centers

Rub Rail

  • A plastic liner is used between the metal understructure and the aluminum rub rail to prevent oxidization
  • Rub rail is fastened to each crossmember throughout the entire body


  • 1 3/8" Laminated ship lapped hardwood oak flooring will stand up to years of rough abuse
  • Heavy diamond plated steel thresholds are installed flush with flooring and the rear door sill of the van body

Paint & Undercoating

  • Van bodies come standard pre-finished white but are available in other colors
  • A tough industrial petroleum based undercoating is applied to the understructure protecting it from rust and corrosion for many years to come.

Mudflaps & Lights

  • Thick rubber Wiltsie Truck Bodies mudflaps are mounted behind rear wheels
  • Taillights, three in a row clearance lights and all required lights are standard
  • LED taillights, LED clearance lights, flood lights, and rear spot lights are available as an extra

Roofing & Sides

Roofing (aluminum & translucent roofing are the same price)

  • Aluminum or translucent roofing are both available on 24" spaced arched roof bows
  • Translucent roofing is a great way to bring more light into the van during the day
  • Aluminum roofing is lined with fir plywood from the inside and equipped with dome lights



  • Aluminum posts are on 24" centers and skinned with .040 aluminum
  • Sides come standard in a pre-finished white aluminum but are also available in pre-finished red, green, blue, and black (sides can also be painted)

Front Radius & Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflector
  • Van bodies are built with aluminum square fronts unless a radius front is requested
  • Front and/or  rear stainless steel corner caps are available as an extra if they are preferred over our standard aluminum corner caps.
  • Mattress box “extension over cab” increases cargo space and is available as an extra
  • Equipping your van body with a nose cone, 6"-6", or a 6"-12" radius front is a great way to improve the aerodynamics of your van

Rear & Side Doors (solid back ends are available)

Rear Doors

Rear Doors
  • Overhead roll-up and swinging barn doors are both available at the same cost
  • Both style of doors come standard with lockable cam locks, insulated models are available as well
  • Barn doors are available in less than full width as well as single, double, triple and, quad panel models

Side Doors

Side Doors
  • Swinging curbside and roadside doors are available as an extra
  • Standard single side doors are located 4' from the front of the van body and come 35" or 45" in width and 74" in height
  • Custom sized doors and locations are available at an extra cost

Inside of Van Body

Inside View


  • Sides come standard lined with 1/4" fir plywood
  • The roof is lined with 1/4" fir plywood and dome lights are installed when an aluminum roof is chosen over a translucent roof


  • Flooring, walls, and ceiling can be insulated with heavy duty spray on urethane foam in 1", 2", 3", 4", or 5" thicknesses
  • Seals for dry freight doors or insulated cold saver doors are popular options for reefer vans


  • Adding kickplate to your van body is a great way to protect it from forklift abuse
  • Kickplate is formed from 10 gauge steel and comes standard in 12" or 18" heights
  •  2" of 10 Gauge checkerplate threshold is standard with all van bodies and installed flush with flooring and rear door sill (12" or 18" is available as an extra)

Cargo Control

Cargo Track

Cargo Track
  • Round or slotted cargo track and tie bars can be installed at any specified height(s)
  • Cargo bars and cargo jacks are available at an additional cost

Floor Chain Tie Downs & D-Rings

Floor Chain
  • Self stored flush mount chain tie downs are mounted to steel frame understructure
  • Recessed pan mount D-rings provide convenient anchor points for securing loads

Tool Boxes

Tool Box
  • Under mount tool boxes provide a great way to securely store and protect your tools and equipment
  • Tool boxes are built with satin coat steel and are painted black (aluminum is extra)
  • Tool boxes come complete with weather stripping and stainless steel locking hardware
  • Standard sizes are 18" deep by 18" high and come in 3' or 4' lengths (custom sizes can be fabricated to fit your truck)

Power Tailgates

Power Tailgates
  • Power tailgates are available in aluminum and steel platforms
  • Railgates, tuck-aways, folding platforms, and above floor lift models are all available in a wide range of platform sizes and lifting capacities

Additional Options


Refrigeration Units
  • Refrigeration units are of the highest quality and come in many different models and sizes for various sized vans and cargo requirements
  • Urethane insulation as well as plastic curtains and custom sized doors can be added as an option to increase reefer efficiency
  • Kemlite or plastic lining is also an option available to provide an easy cleaning solution for van bodies that need to be frequently cleaned with pressure washers


Heater Units
  • Heating units are available for delicate cargo that needs to be kept at a precise temperature
  • Special and custom parts can be fabricated and installed to aid in handling precious cargo (i.e.. baby chickens)


  • Aluminum perforated slider ramps and undermount carriers are available in many different widths and lengths
  • Ramps are equipped with lifting springs & hardware for easy handling

Landing Gear

Landing Gear
  • Equipping your flat with landing gear is a great way to keep your flat level and at dock height while loading cargo
  • Hoists
  • Turn your flat rack into a multi functional work truck by installing a Mailhot hoist.

Towing & Hauling

  • 5th Wheels, couplers, king pins, pintle hooks, trailer hitches, tow hooks, and shackles are available in a wide array of models
  • Necessary hardware can be installed and calibrated for your trailer braking needs