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Standard Construction



  • Thick structural C-channel is used as a backbone for these cylinder bodies
  • Channel depth is determined by the length of the body.


  • Constructed with heavy gauge 3" channel
  • Crossmembers are arc welded on 12"


  • 10ga Gussets interlock crossmembers and longsills to create a reinforced steel girder understructure

Rub Rail

  • Heavy duty 1/4" thick angle iron provides the strength and protection needed to endure any knocks it may encounter down the road and at the job site.


  • 1/8" Checkerplate steel over ship lapped hardwood flooring provides high levels of structural integrity, increasing everyone’s safety
  • Hardwood flooring aids in absorbing vibrations and impacts from rough roads and during loading or unloading of cylinders

Paint & Undercoating

  • All cylinder bodies are sandblasted, cleaned, and painted with a high quality durable acrylic urethane paint which demonstrates high levels of resistance to scratches, humidity, and general wear and tear. 
  • A tough industrial petroleum based undercoating is applied to the understructure protecting it from rust and corrosion for many years to come.

Mudflaps & Lights

Mud Flaps
  • Thick rubber Wiltsie Truck Bodies mudflaps are mounted behind rear wheels.
  • Dome lights, taillights, three in a row clearance lights, and all other required lights are standard
  • LED taillights, LED clearance lights, flood lights, and rear spot lights are available as extras

Front, Sides & Tarp

** Front and sides can be built at custom heights **

  • 1 ½" Square tubing is used to construct the sides and front of the cylinder body
  • Spacing of horizontal tubing is determined by customers needs and preferences
  • Tubing for logistic straps are set at customers desired heights and are constructed with 1 ½" x 3" Tubing
  • Tarp hoops and bracing poles are formed and constructed with 1" round pipe.
  • Vinyl tarps are tailor made for each cylinder body and are fastened by rubber straps
  • Vinyl tarps have a cold crack of -55 degrees Celsius are mildew and rot resistant and are available in black, blue, green, grey, white, red, and yellow.

Cargo Control

Power Tailgates

Power Tailgate

  • Lightweight rugged chain and sprocket design complete with safety chain fencing
  • Available in 1600-4000 lb capacities with platform sizes up to 89" x 42" plus a ramp area of 42" x 20"
  • Collapsible fencing provides easy access to cargo area through a standard quick release pull pin