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Standard Construction

** Specs will vary for aluminum flats, flats with hoists, and flats with other special requests **

Steel and Aluminum Weight Charts




  • Thick structural C-channel is used as a backbone for these flats
  • Channel depth is determined by the length of the flat and whether a hoist is requested


  • Constructed with heavy gauge 3" channel
  • Crossmembers are arc welded on 12" or 16" centers (length and other variables determine crossmember spacing)


  • 10ga Gussets interlock crossmembers and longsills to create a reinforced steel girder understructure

Rub Rail

  • Heavy duty 1/4" thick angle iron provides the strength and protection needed to endure any knocks it may encounter down the road and at the job site.
  • Angle iron rub rails protects and hides stake pockets to give the flat bed attractive clean refined sides

Stake Pockets

  • Deep stake pockets are recessed into rub rail in 3' to 4' sections.
  • Pockets are standard in every flat, giving you the option to easily add sides at any time.


  • 3/16" Checkerplate or smooth steel flooring will withstand high levels of abuse
  • 1 3/8" Hardwood oak flooring is ship lapped, fastened to crossmembers, and painted black
  • 1/8" Steel over hardwood flooring will turn your flat deck into a heavy duty work horse (extra)

Paint & Undercoating

  • All flat decks are sandblasted, cleaned, and painted with a high quality durable acrylic urethane paint which demonstrates high levels of resistance to scratches, humidity, and general wear and tear. 
  • A tough industrial petroleum based undercoating is applied to the understructure protecting it from rust and corrosion for many years to come.

Mudflaps & Lights

Mud Flaps
  • Thick rubber Wiltsie Truck Bodies mudflaps are mounted behind rear wheels.
  • Taillights, three in a row clearance lights and all required lights are standard
  • LED taillights, LED clearance lights, flood lights and, rear spot lights are available as extras

Front & Sides

** Front and sides can be built at custom heights **

Steel Fronts

Steel Fronts
  • Reinforced steel fronts are a great way to protect your cab and complement the overall design of your flat
  • Steel screened windows provide protection to the cab, driver, and passengers without eliminating your field of vision when backing up
  • Steel front standard sizes come in 18" 24" 36" 48" and 60" heights

Stake Rack Sides

Stake Racks
  • Removable sides are constructed with oak stakes, 3/4" plywood, and steel lifting bars
  • Oak boards are used to cap top edges of siding to increase durability
  • Back corners are armored with satin coat steel to provide further resistance to wear and tear
  • Hinged rear and sides provide easy access to the flat deck
  • Standard sides come in 36" 48" 60" and 72" heights
  • Sides are painted black unless another color is specified
  • A removable hoop and pole tarp system is available with this style of siding

Contractor Sides (available in aluminum)

Contractor Sides
  • Fold down or swinging tailgate and sides are available in steel or aluminum
  • Fold down sides give quick access to cargo at any angle
  • A back to front retractable tarp is available with this style of siding

Covered Sliding Tarp System

Covered Slip Tarp
  • Completely protects your cargo and turns your flat bed into a covered trailer
  • This retractable tarp system gives you partial or full access to your cargo in minutes
  • Many different colors, sizes, and options are available with this style of tarp system

Cargo Control


Winches and Straps
  • Winches can be welded in a fixed position or installed on a sliding track
  • Straps come in 2", 3", and 4" widths by 30' lengths

Floor Chain Tie Downs & D-Rings

  • Self stored flush mount chain tie downs are available on steel frame flatbeds
  • Recessed pan mount D-rings provide convenient anchor points for securing loads

Tool Boxes

  • Under mount tool boxes provide a great way to securely store and protect your tools and equipment
  • Tool boxes come standard in satin coat steel and are painted black (aluminum is extra)
  • Tool boxes come complete with weather stripping and stainless steel locking hardware
  • Standard sizes are 18" deep by 18" high and come in 3' or 4' lengths (custom sizes can be fabricated to fit your truck)

Power Tailgates

  • Power tailgates are available in aluminum and steel platforms
  • Railgates, tuck-aways, folding platforms, and above floor lift models are all available in a wide range of platform sizes and lifting capacities

Additional Options


  • Aluminum perforated slider ramps and undermount carriers are available in many different widths and lengths
  • Ramps are equipped with lifting springs & hardware for easy handling

Landing Gear

  • Equipping your flat with landing gear is a great way to keep your flat level and at dock height while loading cargo


  • Turn your flat rack into a multi functional work truck by installing a Mailhot hoist.

Towing & Hauling

  • 5th Wheels, couplers, king pins, pintle hooks, trailer hitches, tow hooks, and shackles are available in a wide array of models
  • Necessary hardware can be installed and calibrated for your trailer braking needs