Wiltsie Truck Bodies


Frank Wiltsie

Wiltsie Truck Bodies was conceived over 50 years ago by Frank Wiltsie.  Frank was a highly s skilled craftsman who had a passion for providing quality workmanship, because of this, his reputation grew as quickly as his business.  As a young entrepreneur, Frank started building wooden window frames but then quickly redirected his focus on truck body manufacturing after Carnation Milk asked him to fabricate a specialty van body for their farm area pickups. 

Frank Wiltsie took on the challenge of building his first ever truck body. 

Carnation Milk’s timing couldn’t have been any better due to the growing popularity of aluminum window frames over wooden frames.  Carnation Milk, like many of Frank’s customers were more than satisfied with his work and quickly came back for more custom tailored truck bodies.  It wasn’t long until local businesses, farmers, and tradesmen started showing up at Frank Wiltsie’s Door. 

Frank Wiltsie a family man first, and an entrepreneur second passed on his business and responsibilities to his sons Bev and Russ.  Bev and Russ Wiltsie have been running the family business since Frank retired in 1989.

Russ and Bev Wiltsie have been running the family business with the same integrity and devotion for traditional workmanship as their father once had.  Because of this, the story of this family business is still in the making and far from over.  A large five bay addition with a towering 60' roof was built in 2004 to accommodate the increasing volume of dump body sales. 

In 2006, a second paint bay was built in order to keep up with the rest of the shops manufacturing.  The manufacturing area has grown and currently stands at 29,500 sq. ft. which includes 16 multi-functional service & manufacturing bays.  These bays are being occupied by over 25 full-time irreplaceable and highly skilled tradesmen.  Many of these tradesmen have been on the Wiltsie team for over 15 years.  Sales manager, Brad Bass was hired on in 1999 to help keep up with, and increase sales in Wiltsie Truck Bodies’ ever growing and evolving product line. 

Wiltsie Truck Bodies has separated themselves from their competitors with meticulously tailored truck bodies and an unmatched diverse product line of stake racks, aluminum vans, service bodies, utility bodies, dump bodies, plows & sanders, grain bodies, livestock bodies, cylinder bodies, prisoner vans, emergency response vehicles, reefer vans, landscaping bodies, and roll-off flat decks/dump bodies.

Somewhere between Franks entrepreneurial spirit, Bev and Russell’s leisurely can do attitude and the diverse set of skills held by Wiltsie’s staff, the once small wood working shop has become an established corner stone in the truck body manufacturing industry.