Wiltsie Truck Bodies



The mechanics here at Wiltsie Truck Bodies are eager and capable of ensuring that your truck or trailer meets all of the safety requirements enforced by the Ministry of Transportation.

Third party emission testing can be arranged as well.

Painting & Undercoating

Removing rust and applying a new coat of paint, is a great way to improve the esthetics of your truck body. This often pays for itself by increasing your truck body's life span. An assortment of different items have been brought in and sandblasted and/or painted as well.

Steel bed frames, tool boxes, cabinets, railings, and car rims are just few items that have been restored here.

Repairs & Modifying
Truck Bodies

Stretching a chassis, lengthening wheel bases, and installing lift axles are all major modifications that can be done here at Wiltsie Truck Bodies. Repairs on dump trucks, van bodies, flat beds, or any specialty body regardless of the manufacture can be done here as well.

We are always willing to lend a helping hand and to get you back on the road.


Being experienced and well seasoned in the truck body manufacturing industry with such a great diverse product line does not come without skills and services that may lie outside of the truck body manufacturing realm. We offer our expertise and helpful advice whenever we can.

Wiltsie Truck Bodies have been involved in thousands of small projects such as; building work bench tops, heat shields, custom ramps, speaker cases, antique truck parts, storage containers, generator compartments, signs, etc.

Raw Material

A variety of structural steel & aluminum are available at custom lengths and sizes. Flat bar, solid round bar, structural angle, square tubing, round pipe, & structural channel are all available in various sizes, thicknesses, and custom lengths.

Steel, stainless steel, mirror stainless, and aluminum sheets are also kept in stock in various different gauges and finishes.


Wiltsie Truck Bodies is a distributor for BOC compressed gases. Setting up a Customer account with BOC enables you to pick up, drop off, and exchange gas cylinders for all of your welding and torch cutting needs here at Wiltsie Truck Bodies.

Compressed Oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, argon, and argoshield are all readily available.